Quebec Heat Wave Killed An Estimated 90+ People, Authorities Say

"make sure you know how to protect yourself & your family"

Construction defies Court
Regulator = Proponent

Witness video December 3, 2018

NEB: "Though use of the site was originally contemplated as part of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project [pipe storage], the site is now going to be used for the storage of pipeline material."

Contruction defying court continues May 2019   Location

List of similar possible sites

Kinder Morgan private investigators & TigerSwan & RCMP + CSIS = Stasi & Canada's spies are untouchable & international surveillance agreements

“The wise is better than the strong, and a man of knowledge than a mighty man of power.”

“Trudeau can bully and attempt to coerce Indigenous peoples into agreeing to this project for as long as he wants, but we will never back down, for the sake of our children, grandchildren, and future generations.” Chief Judy Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer of the UBCIC